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It’s not about the bits

Mangling a title there from Lance Armstrong. Who, it may be remembered from his book “It’s not about the bike”, made the suggestion that it wasn’t the equipment he was pedalling that made him so successful. The […]
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All Your Data Are Belong to Us

Proper geeks, video-game fans and internet historians will immediately comprehend the title. For the rest of you, leading normal balanced lives, it is a reference to the internet meme originating from the Japanese video game Zero […]
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Cloudy with a Chance of Bubbles

Today’s subject is the Cloud. The capitalised one, not the dark fluffy thing that spoils picnics. The one that gets technology and business pundits falling over themselves with excitement. Gartner, for example, with their breathless […]
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Sony A7R

Sony A7r hands on review

Not the first “hands-on” review of this camera. But possibly the first ( and only ? ) review without any affiliate links. As per site policy, no advertising or inducements or compensated reviews or cookies […]
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Bicycle Fit

or How Not to Buy a Bicycle So you want to get fit, have fun, reconnect with the outdoors and indulge in the simple pleasure of transporting yourself without motors, oil, batteries or petrol. It’s […]
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Transforming the Aubergine

Hotly anticipated this, I am sure. Unlike the aubergine. That stuff about international politics and the world of business is all very well, but right here, right now, we get down to the proper content. The […]