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Nikon Df Review

I tried the Df in person today. Immediate impressions : Not even close to a digital reincarnation of the classic Nikon F ( or FM, FE, FA etc ) series. It feels like a modern […]
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Sony A7R

Sony A7r hands on review

Not the first “hands-on” review of this camera. But possibly the first ( and only ? ) review without any affiliate links. As per site policy, no advertising or inducements or compensated reviews or cookies […]
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Pentax K7

Somewhere in the dismal period between me selling my Nikon D40 and acquiring a Nikon D50, I owned this Pentax K7. It’s a metal-bodied, weatherproof, “semi pro” ( an amateur with money or an ego […]
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If you are reading this I expect you know all about this marvel, but if not, a quick history. Long ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth, ancient caveman wore bearskins and carried cameras that used […]
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Nikon D50

I owned a Nikon D40¬†for years and decided I “needed” an upgrade. It happens. I subsequently visited every camera review site. Bad idea. They largely focus, no pun intended, on the wrong things and take […]