Random outpourings of grief and dismay

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It’s not about the bits

Mangling a title there from Lance Armstrong. Who, it may be remembered from his book “It’s not about the bike”, made the suggestion that it wasn’t the equipment he was pedalling that made him so successful. The […]
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All Your Data Are Belong to Us

Proper geeks, video-game fans and internet historians will immediately comprehend the title. For the rest of you, leading normal balanced lives, it is a reference to the internet meme originating from the Japanese video game Zero […]
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Cloudy with a Chance of Bubbles

Today’s subject is the Cloud. The capitalised one, not the dark fluffy thing that spoils picnics. The one that gets technology and business pundits falling over themselves with excitement. Gartner, for example, with their breathless […]
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Pride and Prejudice – Hi Fi

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a throbbing audio-video entertainment system. It is entirely a bloke domain this. Audio and […]
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Billion Dollar Brain

So, we learn that the US is hoovering up phone and internet information on the world, the UK is trying harder to do the same whilst also bugging the G20, and France has it’s own system ( […]
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Microsoft seem to have spent 10 years shooting themselves in the digital foot. After having “won” the browser wars, they set out to ruin Internet Explorer. After monopolisng the office software market, they ruin Office. […]