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Things that need filing

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Convenient, Healthy, Nutty

Round up of the excellent variety of health drinks available at your local Japanese convenience store.   Gen-My Brown Rice Drink (195ml) Energy / エネルギー / 熱量 : 154kcal Protein / たんぱく質 : 2.2g Fat / 脂質 […]
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Transforming the Aubergine

Hotly anticipated this, I am sure. Unlike the aubergine. That stuff about international politics and the world of business is all very well, but right here, right now, we get down to the proper content. The […]
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Tokyo Bicycle Show

I went along to the “Cyclemode International 2012” show at the weekend. It’s the largest of the bicycle shows in Japan. It is held in Makuhari, in Chiba prefecture on the east side of Tokyo […]
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Van Morrison – T.B. Sheets

T.B. Sheets by Van Morrison “‘T.B. Sheets’ is one of the most real songs about death you’ll ever hear. As life saps steadily from the singer’s beloved, tuberculosis-ridden Julie, there is no trite drama, no […]
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Five Fingers

Five Fingers – the brand of shoes. The ones that are minimal, with individual toes. I’m not sure why they are five fingers, rather than five toes, but there you are. I bought some several […]