Wasting Time

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Watch Forum Glossary

Sometimes it is not obvious what the inhabitants of watch fora are talking about. I wrote a glossary to cover the most common terms. Hi-Beat n. Speedposter. “Spotted another Hi-Beat on the forum” Speedposter¬† n. […]
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Patek Nautilus

Another helpful post for those having problems buying the correct wristwatch. My opinion of the Patek Nautilus 5711.     It’s a Rolex Submariner for those that find Rolex Submariners too cheap. In other words, […]
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Wristwatch Names

Names for watches are intended to appeal to their future owner’s aspirations. Hence lots of “Masters” – Sea, Marine, Speed all represented. Military watches are most often embellished with the word “Tactical” somewhere. Some suggestions […]
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Rolex as an investment

Rolexes are a poor vehicle for investment. You may hear or read otherwise, especially from citizens of any nation whose currency has devalued during the credit-crisis. Such as the UK and USA. If you are […]