Microsoft seem to have spent 10 years shooting themselves in the digital foot.

After having “won” the browser wars, they set out to ruin Internet Explorer.

After monopolisng the office software market, they ruin Office.

They entirely miss the move to digital music, digital TV and digital movies.

They buy Sybase’s old database code and rework it as SQLServer, but garner no market share at all.

They fail completely to gain traction with servers to run the internet, but do end up with the world’s most popular desktop operating system.

So they throw that away with Windows Vista.

They then attempt a hasty and humiliating recovery with Windows 7, only to finally throw it all overboard for good with Windows 8.

Their cloud-based services are worse than a famous internet book retailer’s.

They fail with tablets ( sorry, “slates” ) and their mobile strategy is a not just a disaster, it’s a disaster that repeats itself time and again even when they have something successful to copy.

In fact, they miss all the biggest computing shifts ( mobile, cloud, internet, digital media ) entirely and screw up all the legacy stuff they did actually own ( desktop OS, office software ).

The only thing that was an actual home-grown success since Bill left, was Xbox.

And now they’ve screwed that too.



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