Convenient, Healthy, Nutty

Round up of the excellent variety of health drinks available at your local Japanese convenience store.


Gen-My Brown Rice Drink (195ml)


Energy / エネルギー / 熱量 : 154kcal

Protein / たんぱく質 : 2.2g

Fat / 脂質 : 1.2g

Carbs / 炭水化物 : 34.1g

Natrium / ナトリウム : 16mg

What it says : “Only water and brown rice, a vegetable-based anti-oxidant”

What I say : Genmai is Japanese for “Brown Rice”. I’m not sure if KGT, the makers of this one, didn’t think of the punning name and only then produce the drink, rather than the other way around.

What it tastes like : sweet, like weak chocolate milk

Verdict : A fine effort, especially the name. Tries hard not to be a liquidized rice-ball. Which it is. Needs more grass clippings to score higher

Health nuttiness : 3/5


Vita Coco (100g)


Energy / エネルギー / 熱量 : 22kcal

Protein / たんぱく質 : 0.1g

Fat / 脂質 : 0.0g

Carbs / 炭水化物 : not divulged

Natrium / ナトリウム : 10.7mg

What it says : “tropical hydration, never from concentrate”

What I say : Puzzled if concentrated coconut water would just be, well, coconut. It is easier to open though.

What it tastes like : water from a place that advises not to drink the water. Even ice cold, it tastes strangely warm

Verdict : The baseline for nutty healthdrinks. Doesn’t promise grass clippings and shuns acai berries, limiting overall scoring potential, but a solid if somewhat insipid effort

Health nuttiness : 2/5

Fruta Fruta Acai Green ( 195ml )


Energy / エネルギー / 熱量 : 105kcal

Protein / たんぱく質 : 1.8g

Fat / 脂質 : 2.0g

Carbs / 炭水化物 : not divulged

Natrium / ナトリウム : 11mg

What it says : “From the Brazilian Amazon comes this Super Fruit, the Acai berry …”

What I say : A puree of 6 vegetables with some acai berries. Stickers proclaim “green economy” and “agro forestry alliance”. An almost perfect healthnut bingo

What it tastes like : A bit muddy

Verdict : Wears its ingredients proudly, like a 1990s Dell PC. Acai Inside.

Health nuttiness : 4/5


キウイ大豆飲料 ( Kiwi Soy Beverage 200ml )


Energy / エネルギー / 熱量 : 100kcal

Protein / たんぱく質 : 2.3g

Fat / 脂質 : 1.7g

Carbs / 炭水化物 : 18.9g

Natrium / ナトリウム : 123mg

What it says : “Glittering Soy Kiwi Beverage”

What I say : It also says on the front that it’s 10% juice. Which suggests it’s 90% glitter. Might need to brush up on my Japanese

What it tastes like : Fruity, no presence of soy nor indeed glitter

Verdict : The happy kiwi tastes good but at 10% juice and 2% soy it’s a pretender

Health nuttiness : 1/5



Japanese Hiragana Romaji English Notes
エネルギー enerugii food “energy” or calories
熱量 ねつりょう netsuryou calories
たんぱく質 たんぱくしつ tanpakushitsu protein Can also be seen as “タンパク質” or “たん白質”
炭水化物 たんすいかぶつ tansuikabutsu carbohydrates
ナトリウム natoriumu sodium
脂質 ししつ shishitsu fat
カルシウム karushiumu calcium
糖類 とうるい tourui sugar Sugar is also “砂糖,” which is commonly
used for sugar under
the ingredients section
てつ tetsu iron
亜鉛 あえん aen zinc
葉酸 ようさん yousan folic acid
食物繊維 しょくもつせんい shokumotsuseni dietary fiber The kanji for fiber can be listed other ways too.
ビタミン__ bitamin vitamin __ Products that add vitamins
such as cereal or some breads
will list vitamins under the
ingredients with the
corresponding vitamin (such as B, C, etc.)
食塩相当量 しょくえんとうそうりょう shokuentousouryou amount of table salt

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