256GB iPod upgrade

Having re-ripped my entire CD collection lossless, I needed more space on my ageing 2006 iPod.

Apart from the disk capacity (80GB) it all worked fine, and this particular version is supposedly the finest sounding iPod.

I thought it worth upgrading.


Open it up, carefully:

Remove battery cable, and replace the original battery too:

Remove the hard disk:

Replace with this iFlash board from a company in the UK:

In with the new, out with the old.

I used 2x128GB micro SD cards, as cost per GB is optimum, but the board takes up to 4 so you can put 4x256GB in if you need.

Check the iFlash site for some limitations depending on the age and type of your iPod before doing this mod. The board presents whatever cards you use (they do not have to be matched in capacity) as a single disk to the iPod, so you can chuck some old ones in if you wish.

The whole process took about 30 minutes and was drama-free, but watch some YouTube videos for how to open the case first, as it requires patience:

Back together and firmware restored automatically from iTunes, giving 239GB usable:

Time for some lossless music joy:

It all works perfectly, sounds tremendous and is significantly lighter. Battery life is increased too, to between 35-45 hours, about double the original spec.

This classic player has another lease of life.


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