Wristwatch Names

Names for watches are intended to appeal to their future owner’s aspirations. Hence lots of “Masters” – Sea, Marine, Speed all represented. Military watches are most often embellished with the word “Tactical” somewhere.

Some suggestions I had for new names, should the big manufacturers be running out of ideas :

The Rolex Salesmaster
The Casio Asbo
The Lorus Argos
The Omega Accountant
The Patek Phillipe Arriviste
The Breitling Super Fantasist
The CWC Walt
The Grand Seiko Salaryman
The Smiths Whippetmaster
The Bremont Supercilious Grasper
The Breguet Nouveau Riche
The Richard Mille Super Tax Evader
The Bulgari Totes Amaze
The Doxa Pool Attendant
The JLC Master Self Esteem
The IWC White Supremacist
The Chr.Ward Subplagiarist
The Sekonda Pornstar
The Citizen Pro Master Baiter ( JIS certified )
The Cartier Stewardess
The Marathon Cockthruster
The Blancpain Plonkeur
The MkII Waiter
The Panerai Twat


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